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Cartoon characters have always fascinated me because of their simple lines, flatly colored shapes and the ability to convey humor. I can remember when I was a young girl using wax paper to transfer the colored comics from the Sunday newspaper. Placing the wax paper on top of the comics, I rubbed a spoon across the paper and it magically copied the images. 


I choose to paint with acrylics because the paint dries quickly, can be diluted with water or modified with gels and pastes. The finished product can resemble a watercolor or an oil painting. When I am working with mixed media, colored pencils are ideal. They bring back a lot of memories as a child using crayons to create an artwork in elementary school. I use the pencils along with fabric or craft paper.


My newest paintings of Brenda and Basil signify a great change in their relationship. The trust is lost and the damage seems irreparable. The heroine seeks revenge and Basil ends up in a very tight spot. 

© 2014 Mary Lou Novak

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